Soup Kitchen

After being kicked out of Camden while the Pope visited Philly, it was nice to be back to doing what I do best; standing around watching everyone else work! Just kidding, I did a few dishes too. But I have to admit that after missing a few soup kitchen dinners this summer due to travel and then September being shut down, I was really happy to be back and see everyone, both the folks we serve and all you great cooks & servers!
Thank you all for your delicious food, we had plenty! Funny story; one of the groups cooked meatloaf by mistake, but it worked out great, as we had enough food to freeze the meatloaves and use them this coming weekend. Funny how even miscalculations work out in our favor when we serve others! All the meat looked great and you guys should have a mac & cheese cook-off with all the creations I saw! I already judged the desserts and a certain coffee cake that disappeared into the kitchen definitely finished near the top!
And thank you also to those who came to serve, even the ones who absconded the coffee cake with me! We had a few new helpers this month and they stopped to thank me before leaving, which made me think, who should thank who? Everyone who cooks or serves helps this run so smooth, so I thank you folks. But I also thank the folks who allow us to serve them, helping fulfill my life with purpose beyond my own wants. I think we all gain from these monthly dinners!
You guys are the giant Reese’s the rich neighbor gives out on Halloween!!!! (gotta go, heading to 7-11 for some candy now!)

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