Giving Thanks

Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, creamed corn, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pies; what does this all add up to? Thanksgiving Dinner? My midnight snack? Yes, but more importantly as you can see in the attached photo, it’s a chance for young folks to learn about serving others as part of their lives. Our many young helpers this month aging from 9 to 17 were all smiles while dishing out all the delicious foods prepared by our many chefs for the people who really needed a hot meal and some warm feelings. Of course there were plenty of adults on hand to carry out the many kitchen tasks and help with the dishes, but I get a particular joy out of seeing these youngsters give up their Sunday evenings once a month to help show that our next generation (that’s not a Star Wars reference) wants to see Camden continue to rise from the rubble and become a great city again. Maybe one of these kids will be a future leader in making that dream come true. So thank you all for helping on this, our 10th Thanksgiving meal and our 115th dinner served at St. Paul’s, totaling well over 10,000 plates of food supplied, prepared, served and washed by you; a group that truly walks the walk! Thank you so much for being part of one of the best parts of my life; serving in Camden.


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