Urban Promise

Is this Dan Higgins Wood Flooring Warehouse or a local high school? On this particular afternoon it was both, when the Juniors and Seniors from Urban Promise Academy, along with the lunch club mentors, had an onsite visit to Dan Higgins Wood Flooring Warehouse in Medford. This was all part of the continuing growth opportunities presented by Urban Promise with the monthly lunch club, a chance for students to meet with local business leaders to “pick their brains”. Students were treated to a tour of the business and how it operates, along with an animated explanation by Dan on how he started the business, suffered through many growing pains and finally managed to organize a successful business thanks to the efforts of many and a faith that God’s plan was being played out. Of course lunch Club wouldn’t have been complete without Dan showing off his amateur culinary skills with a family style lunch of baked ziti, Caesar salad, fresh bread, and his son Nick’s famous chocolate chip cookies, all favorites of the students over their years at Urban Promise Academy. The students could not have been more attentive, mannerly, and pleasant, helping make it a good time for all! A special thanks goes out to Dan’s staff for becoming caterers for the day!


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