Lessons on a rainy day

Unlike last ride, sometimes 30% chance of rain means it’s gonna rain, and yesterday proved it. About 11 miles out, while riding the Wissahickon trail, the skies opened up and we had to hide from the lightning under a nearby concrete bridge. Lesson one: know how to seek safe shelter in emergencies. But this rain didn’t slow these Urban Promise kids from seeking out some pizza some 20 miles into our trip at Rosie’s, a pizzeria on 11th near Market that not only sells cheese slices for $1, but you can also donate extra dollars so they can continue to give free pizza to anyone who walks through the door hungry. The picture not only shows Jalisa’s excellent table manners, but also the hundreds of post-it ‘thank-you’ notes from guests at the pizzeria who appreciate this community minded business. Lesson two: businesses can succeed both financially and morally together! After making a full pie disappear in short time we headed back across the Ben Franklin Bridge and Christian decided we’d take the long route home along the Camden Greenway. Lucky we did, as we got treated to watching a tree climber taking down a tree by hand! Lesson three; stay in school, tree climbing looks scary!!! Glad to have daylights savings back, as we fit in 28 miles and some extra schooling, even with the rain delay. Nice job UPA students!!


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