Lone Rider

I love all the ads about 60 minutes of exercise a day. This is something that is so important in more ways than just weight. Exercise brightens a person’s attitude and curbs depression, increases learning ability and focus, and gives them energy to help them succeed, making life as a whole more fun! So what about 230 minutes of exercise? That’s exactly what Christian did yesterday on our after school ride. Our “lone-rider” left from Urban Promise in Camden, went over the Ben Franklin and out the Schuylkill Trail to Manayunk, climbed the Manayunk wall, back to Center City, then on past the Walt Whitman into South Philly, back to the city for a quick slice of pizza, then home to UPA! Sound exhausting? I have to give props to this young man, he did it like a champ clocking 3:25:52 of actual riding time with only 3 breaks totaling under 25 minutes and tallied up 40.14 miles; all on a mountain bike!!! Looks like Christian set the bar high for the rest of the bike club!


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