Camp Haluwasa

Remember being a kid and building a fort in your yard, or in that abandoned lot nearby? Those were some of my best memories I had as a kid growing up in a low income area. But obviously my son has bigger fort ambitions as he has recruited me to help him rebuild a crumbling structure at Camp Haluwasa in Hammonton. Nick is a counselor there and found it a shame that this 60 ft x 40 ft fort built back in the ‘70s was now unsafe to use. Over the past 4 weeks he has given his extra time after school, and the last two Saturdays helped run volunteer work crews, to rebuild with hopes of opening it up for this summer’s camp. Pictured, Nick and another volunteer are setting support posts to carry the cat-walk that goes around the entire perimeter. My thanks go out to all of the volunteers who helped us the last two Saturdays, digging and pouring footings in the snow last week, then sweating through this last one starting the structure. Great job!!


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