Senior trip!

When my wife and I met these students 4 years ago as freshman at Urban Promise Academy, with my wife as their math teacher and advisor, they were “wet behind the ears”, as they say, and entering a new world; high school. I can’t believe 4 years has passed already, as we spent the last few days in Hershey Park for their senior trip! What a blast we had as the rain on Sunday drove the less-hardy guests from the park, leaving the roller coasters open to seemingly just our students. After a late night dinner dreamed up by our two Higgins kids at a gas station store, followed by too little sleep, we hit the park again and road them all over again and then some. Now most people cringe when you suggest taking 11 teenagers to an amusement park, but these Urban Promise young adults made us so proud by having fun while still acting like angels. I want to personally thank the kids, not just for making this trip fun, but for filling Ms. Higgins and my lives with joy for the last four years. As they move on to bigger and better things, prepared by the benefits of a great school and ministry, I hope they will stay in touch with Joann and I, as they have truly become part of our family.

– Dan


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