Before & After: Insert with Border

Last week, our job supervisor Anthony and his crew replaced this carpet insert with Bruce Dundee 3 1/4″ solid oak “gunstock” flooring installed diagonally with a dark Bruce Dundee 3 1/4″ solid oak “mocha” border.



Thank you to our customer, Cindy Perr, for these great photos “Before and After” photos. Here are some more photos of the finished product.



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Before & After: Old Barracks Museum

We’re lucky here in New Jersey that we are surrounded by American history. The Old Barracks Museum in Trenton is one of those historical gems. The Barracks were built in 1758 to house British soldiers during the French and Indian war. During the Revolutionary War, General George Washington and his troops crossed Delaware river to surprise the Hessian troops staying in the Barracks. Now, the Old Barracks Museum serves as an educational museum as well as an event space.

We installed Armstrong Prime Harvest 3/4″ x 5″ oak wood flooring in “Gunstock” in their Founder’s Room event space.

The newly renovated room looks great and will be home to many exciting events in the future.


Photo courtesy of the Old Barracks

Thank you to the Old Barracks for use of their photos.

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Before & After: Changing Colors

Our supervisor Anthony and his crew installed an IndusParquet 3/4″X 3″ solid Brazilian cherry flooring. Last year, we installed the same flooring for this customer in the next room. Here are the transitions between the rooms:

Yes, that is the SAME flooring product! Because wood is a natural product, it changes color over time as it exposed to light and oxidizes. Depending on the species of the wood, the wood may lighten, darken, or yellow over time. As you can see, Brazilian cherry is a very photosensitive species and darkens drastically after it’s installed. The new floors will eventually darken to the same color as the older flooring within the first year.

So that the floors light, darken, or yellow evenly, avoid keeping large area rugs or pieces of furniture on the floors during the first year, or move them around periodically to expose the areas underneath to sunlight. If you do end up with some light or dark patches, you can move the furniture or rug and the patch will, depending on the species of wood, “catch up” as it’s exposed to sunlight, so the color will be even again.

When shopping for flooring and comparing samples, ask how old the sample is and what colors changes should be expected. This is especially important for exotic species like Brazilian cherry, which change color drastically.

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Before & After: Custom Stained Treads

Our job supervisor Anthony installed these beautiful custom oak stair treads stained to match Armstrong Prime Harvest hardwood flooring in “Forest Brown.” We custom stain the stair treads in our warehouse to make every set of stairs look beautiful.

Here’s the finished product:

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Before & After: “Great Plains” Stairs

Rafal and his crew have been working hard on installing Armstrong Flooring American Scraped Oak “Great Plains” 3/4″ X 5″ flooring. Along with the flooring we installed oak treads with painted risers. The stair case looks amazing and gives a new look to this home.

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Before & After: Pemberton Borough Gym

No job is too big for our expert installation team. Two weeks ago, we started ripping up 4,000 square feet of old flooring at the Pemberton Borough gym.

Now the gym has 3/4″ x 2 1/4″ unfinished maple floors that are ready to be sanded and finished. We can’t wait to see the kids in Pemberton enjoy their brand new gym.

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